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  Families and Friends Organizing for Reform of Juvenile Justice or FORJ-MO is the first parent lead juvenile justice organization in Missouri working to change the laws that turn our children into adults, with horrific outcomes, once they enter the adult criminal justice system.  

Families and Friends Organizing for Reform of Juvenile Justice is dedicated to ending the practice of placing children and youth under the age of 18 in Missouri's jails and prisons and providing all children involved in Missouri's juvenile or adult criminal justice system the necessary rehabilitation needed to become productive members of society by engaging and empowering families and allies of these children

Did you know that in the state of Missouri:

  • Children in the justice system are considered adults at age 17.
  • Children as young as 12 can be tried in adult court (certified as adults).
  • Upon certification, children are placed in adult jails until their sentencing hearing.
  • Once a child is arrested parents lose all control of that child.
  • Upon certification, children in adult jails do not receive rehabilitative services or education.
  • There is no recourse to keep your child safe once placed in an adult prison or jail.

FORJ-MO helps to organize and empower families and allies most affected by the current juvenile justice practices to advocate for policy reform on the state and federal level.


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